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Welcome to Augustine's Love Foundation

Transforming Lives with Support, Resources, and Hope

Our Mission

Founded in loving memory of Donna Marie Augustine, Augustine’s Love Foundation is dedicated to helping families impacted by strokes and brain aneurysms. We strive to transform lives by providing comprehensive support, essential resources, and a beacon of hope to overcome the emotional, physical, and financial challenges faced by stroke survivors and their loved ones.

Support Services

Offering counseling, support groups, and rehabilitation assistance to aid recovery and emotional well-being.

Educational Resources

Providing access to educational materials and workshops to empower families with knowledge about stroke recovery and prevention.

Financial Assistance

Facilitating financial aid through scholarships for affected families and grants for medical needs.


Get Involved


Your donations help us continue our work and expand our reach


Join our community of volunteers to make a direct impact.


Participate in our events to raise awareness and funds.

Upcoming Events

Annual Toy Drive: Help bring holiday cheer to children of stroke survivors

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