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About Us

Story Behind Augustine's Love Foundation

You’re the Hope of Others

Strokes have emerged as a significant health concern, affecting millions of individuals and their families worldwide. The devastating consequences of strokes often leave families grappling with emotional, physical, and financial burdens. To address this pressing issue, I created my foundation to support and empower families who have suffered from strokes. By providing comprehensive assistance, education, and resources, Augustine's Love Foundation is a beacon of hope, fostering resilience and enabling families to rebuild their lives.


Donna Marie Augustine: A Life of Strength and Love

Hello, my name is Deric Augustine, and Augustine's Love Foundation honors my mother, Donna Marie Augustine, who suffered her first stroke when I was only twelve years old, which altered the course of my family's life. My mother later passed away at 55 years old.

My mother was a loving woman with a big heart and a big personality. If I had to explain her by using one word, it would be: SOULFUL. My favorite memory of her is when she used to blast old-school R&B music in our home in New Orleans, picked me up, and hugged me so tight while dancing along to the songs. Before her first stroke, she was a single mother who worked hard to provide a great life for her twin sons.

The stroke turned our happy family's life around into a 180. We lost everything as our mother had to file for bankruptcy due to medical bills.

After her first surgery to remove the blood clot in her brain, she was paralyzed on the left side of her body and had intensive memory loss. Thus my twin brother, Deven Augustine, and I had to help take care of our mother along with the help of our grandparents. During my teenage years, I wished my family had more resources to help as my mother dealt with her recurring strokes.

Mission Statement

Founder's Vision

My goal with this foundation is to provide the help I wish I desperately had when I was younger to families dealing with similar circumstances. My overall objective is to provide economic relief to help those families with medical bills, rehabilitation costs, living necessities, and scholarships for the children caring for their loved ones, just like I had to care for my beautiful mother.

Our Mission

At Augustine's Love Foundation, our mission is clear: to provide hope and assistance to stroke survivors and their families, and to ensure that no one feels alone on their journey to recovery. We strive to create a community that celebrates life's triumphs and supports one another through its challenges.


Why Augustine's Love Foundation Matters

Stroke affects not only the individual who experiences it but also their loved ones. Our foundation understands the emotional and practical hurdles that stroke survivors and caregivers face. Through awareness campaigns, support groups, and initiatives like the upcoming toy drive, we aim to bring light to these challenges and offer a helping hand.

Join Us In Making A Difference

Be Part of Our Tribute

Join us in honoring Donna Marie Augustine's enduring spirit. At Augustine's Love Foundation, we're dedicated to translating her strength into support for stroke survivors and their families. Whether you give your time, contribute, or share your story, you're making a difference that resonates with Donna's love.

Unite for Impact

Join our community making a direct impact. From events to volunteering and supporting initiatives like our toy drive, your involvement adds a layer of care. Together, we can bring comfort to families, joy to children, and support to those affected by stroke. Join us at Augustine's Love Foundation and shape a brighter future.

Raise Awareness Together

Start by sharing our mission. Help us shed light on the challenges faced by stroke survivors and caregivers. By spreading the word, you're fostering empathy and understanding, sparking conversations that drive positive change and create a more caring world.

Donating Food to Charity

Get In Touch

We welcome your questions, stories, and partnership inquiries. Feel free to reach out to us through our contact form

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